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How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend – 3 Tips to Get Over an Ex Boyfriend FAST!

If you’re looking online for advice on how to get over your ex boyfriend then you must be feeling pretty down right now. Your relationship is over and it feels like your heart got torn apart. You’re doing your best to move on but you just can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Well, you’re in luck because you’re about to learn 3 tips for getting over a guy you really like.

3 Tips for How to Get Over an Ex Boyfriend
and Move On with Your Life after a Break Up!

1) Come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over.

If you think he’s going to change or you’re still holding on to the hope that he’ll come back to you, you’ll never get over him. You have to do something that marks the ending of the relationship for you so that you can get closure and move on with your life.

If you still have some of his stuff, either give it back to him or get rid of it. Yes, even that shirt of his that’s so comfortable to sleep in. The thing is, you’re already going to be thinking a lot about him as it is and you don’t want anything reminding you of him any more than necessary.

So take any cards or gifts he gave you and get rid of them. You don’t have to throw them away, just put them in a box and store them away somewhere where you won’t have to see them. Also, take all the pictures you have together and put them in that box as well.

The goal here is to get him out of sight and out of mind. Clearing your place of all the things that remind you of him is a way of clearing him from your life. Let this be a symbolic act for you.

2) Reach out to your friends for support

Guys come and go but your friends are always there. Now’s the time to start spending more time with them. If you’re getting over your first love, or someone that you spent almost all your time together with, then you may have unintentionally ignored your friends for a while. Well, now’s a good time to reach out to them and reconnect.

Share what’s going on with your girlfriends and tell them how you’re feeling. Many of them have probably had very similar experiences and they will be happy to help you get over your ex boyfriend. Reaching out to them will not only be good for your social life, but it’ll also remind you that you’re not alone. Others have had their heartbroken too and they’ve been able to figure out how to get over a relationship and move on with their life.

3) Focus on yourself and start rebuilding your life

Now that you guys broke up, you have a lot more extra time on your hands. Before you would probably use that time to hang out with your ex, but now you get to redirect all that time and energy on someone who will actually appreciate it: you.

Remember that the only person you will ever have with you for the rest of your life is you… so use this time to rebuild your relationship with yourself.

Do the things that you’ve always been meaning to but just never got around to. Go to the gym and get into better shape. Take up a new hobby or explore your interests. Take a class or join a group. You’ll probably learn something new and make a couple new friends while you’re at it. And who knows, you might just find your new special someone!

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how to get over your ex boyfriend

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  • kica

    this si true  but i have no friends cuz im independent i love him alot n its been 5 days since we broke up  i love him and i didnt tell him he left me because  he  told me he wanted  a fine mexican broad with money n car n a job i honestly think hes a player  but then again he  bought me alot of things n told me randonly  he wants me out his life i belive he has a new gf or hes with his ex i dream bout  him n his ex alot but idk how to get over  it i lvoe him more then anything idk how long itl take me to forget him

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