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How to Get Over a Guy – 4 Tips for Getting Over a Guy You Really Like

Figuring out how to get over a guy is really hard and emotionally draining for a lot of women. There are nuances that make every breakup unique; however, there are also a few universal tips that can help you forget the past and move on with your life. Below are four of my top tips to help you move on with your life after a break up.

1) Make the Decision to Move On

The worst thing you can do to yourself when getting over your ex is to spend time thinking about your past relationship. We have a way of always romanticizing the one we lost, especially when it is the guy who made the decision to break off the relationship. By distorting who your ex really is, you are only fueling the passion or anger you have for him, good or bad. Just remember that, whoever he is, there are many others out there who are just as good, if not better than him. You will meet this guy, but only if you make the decision to move on with your life.

how to get over a guy

2) Spend Time With Friends

Often times, we find ourselves neglecting our true friends when we find ourselves in a relationship. Fortunately, your friends understand your need for love and will be there to support you when times get tough. Go out with your friends, have fun, and enjoy the adventures of life that you are sometimes unable to enjoy while in a relationship. A major key in figuring out how to get over a guy is to simply figure out how to move on to a new routine. Once you get into a routine with your friends, you will quickly move on from activities that simply remind you of your ex.

3) Improve Yourself

A great tip for getting over your ex is to focus on yourself. Is there something you always wanted to do with your life, but you had sacrificed it for the good of your prior relationship? Get back to this passion now! Being single can actually be mentally and emotionally refreshing. Use this time to take on a new activity, travel, learn something new or meet new people. This is your chance to be selfish and focus on what it is that you want out of your life. Trust me, this will make you even more attractive when you meet your next man!

4) Date Other People

This tip is so simple, but is so often overlooked! One of my friends was complaining to me about how her boyfriend broke up with her last week and how she was emotionally broken. Her life was over until I re-assured her that she was attractive and had a lot going for her. I told her that she needed to start dating again and introduced her to some guys. It’s been two weeks since then and she’s already passionately in love again with a new guy.

What you need to realize about getting over a guy is that there are literally millions of guys in this world who might be a match for you. Move on with your life and enjoy meeting these men today! Single life can be fun, adventurous, and will eventually lead you to the right person. You just need to trust yourself and focus on moving on with a positive mindset.

If you’re feeling confused or frustrated about something that happened between you and your ex, click below to get my advice on how to get over a guy

how to get over a guy

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  • Barnwell Angela

    umm my ex and i broke up about 2 months now but we normally do this break up and mend back, stop talk and talk back so everytime we do this is like there is hope that we will talk back or be back and its very frustrating but i love this guy so bad i cant tell him we r not going to this anymore i just continue moving on back with him but now he migrated to another country oh another thing is we were together for two years and i didnt know he had his gf all the while so thats the barrier between us. i dont wanna be with him and he have his gf but i love him i dont know what to do can  u plss help me plsssssss.

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  • Scarletta19

    Me and my ex broke up in the begging of september 2011. I wasnt expecting it at all. He moved back to where he was from which is about 2 hrs away. i found out from his grandmother that he got baack with his high school sweetheart. I was crushed. All contact was cut off. Then i found out I was pregnant. That made it even harder to try and let him go. When he found out by his parents that i was pregnant he called me. I was 10 weeks along when i miscarried. After i told him i lost the baby we didnt talk. Then the other day he messagted me on facebook and then started texting me. Im in a relationship with some one else right now and i really like him but the other guy wont stop poppin up in my life. he says he still has feelings for me and i still have feelings for him. I dont know what to do at this point. I want to let go of the past but i dont know how. Me and him shared something that I havent with anyone else.  Im not sure if he is just playing head games with me or if he is really meaning what he tells me. I dont want to ruien what i have with this other guy beacuse of my ex but im scared if i cut him off completly that I might be missing out on being totally happy again. Im so confused at this point. I dont know what to do anymore.

    • Titbueller

      I’m only 15, but it sounds to me like the guy you are with right now is simply a rebound from what you truely love. Give it some time. It’s your decision, and don’t think of anybody elses feelings when you make it. If your not happy with the decision, then everyone will end up sad. Is he still together with this highschool sweetheart? If so, you might not want him. That would mean that he is essentially trying to cheat on her and not being faithful, meaning he could easily do the same to you. I hope this helped somewhat! <3

  • Joan kandetu

    my ex and i broke up 1 month ago.We broke up becase he was cheeting on me and i was heart becase every single day he told me.We were dating for about 10 months sraight.What made heart so bad was that he was cheeting on me with my best friend.On our Aniversery he bought me chocolate then i was convinsed that he loved me i should of listend to my other friends when a man tels you he loves you he’s lieing.    


  • Reynar_18

    Me & my boyfriend went out for one month. I could onnly think that it could get better. Every single day he told me he loved me & that he wanted to be with me forever. Then in the beging of September I started hearing rumors that he was going to dump me, I was devistated. I comfonted him & he said those are lies. At the end of thr day I heard again that he was going to dump me. I believed it when he started ignoring me. That day we broke up. The same day he asked another girl out. When I found that out , you have no idea I litterly felt like my heart broke I never beem so hurt in my life. I was so depressed that I didnt go to school for a week. Soon they broke up. We started talking again. I still loved him wih all my heart. Then on Christmas he asked me out again, but I was already seeing someone. That someone made me forget about my ex. & I betrayed him by dating my ex again. I felt heartless. The other guy felt heart broken. & Right now … I feel hopless, I neeed help . <|3 /;

    • Roxanna Torres

      omg thats crazy, you shouldve never went back to your ex, if he did that once he is going to be prone to dumping you again, and going back to you, hurting you even more :(  

    • Anonymous

      you should have stuck it out with the new guy … wow

  • Lizette-lopez_6

    Well..me and my bf broke up like 2 weeks ago ..and my friend goes to me and says idk if ur gonna be happy or not..but hes dating someone else! :/ i didnt show my emotion…but i was the one who broke up :( but why am i hurt that he’s dating someone else ..i swear im not “jealous”

    • Diane

      I’ve had this same problem. The thing is, it’s hard to see someone who once meant the world to you, mean that to someone else. He used to love me, so seeing him love someone else made me think, “What’s wrong with me? What does she have that I don’t?”. But there isn’t anything wrong with me, he had just moved on.
      Maybe you’re upset that he’s been able to move on while you’re still dwelling on things? You wonder why he’s been able to find that kind of happiness, while you haven’t.There’s no specific answer as to why you’re feeling this way, but things will get better. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, I swear to god it gets better. One day you’ll find someone who treats you the way you deserve, someone who loves you and makes you happy. You can’t focus on the good things about your ex, cause that will make him seem even better. Instead, try focusing on the things that the next person could have that he didn’t. I’m not saying make crazy standards, but don’t put yourself down either. Thinking about all the good memories isn’t something you should do to get over a guy. Yeah, the memories were good, but those moments were only temporary.My point is, you can’t get into a relationship to make yourself happy, you get in one to add to your happiness. If you’re miserable, a relationship can rarely help in the long run. It’ll provide instant gratification, but it won’t improve you as a person.So wait a while. Work on yourself, and become happy. A relationship shouldn’t be the basis of you’re happiness, it should only add to it.Hope everything works well! :)  

      • Anonymous

        Very well said Diane!

        Literally word for word out of my book. One of my biggest realizations was that a relationship is meant to ADD to our happiness, not DEFINE it.

        • Diane

          That was exactly my problem, my relationship would be the only thing making me happy, and when it ended, I felt like I had nothing. I feel like a relationship ending should only ever make you stronger as a person. I’ve found that I can be happy no matter what, relationships are awesome but so is being single!

  • Lakesha61

    Me And My Boyfriend Have Been Together For Only Four DAYS !! We Dated In The Past . We  Always Talked About Having A Future Together : (  Then We Broke Up Yesterday Night </3 We Were Talking On The Phone And He Asked Me About A Picture i'Sent Him . He Was Asking Alot Of Questions About It Like He Said " Did You Send That Picture To Any One Else ? Cause i'Know You Didnt Sent It Too Me" Soo i'Told Him The Truth And He Didnt Say Anything After That It Was Very Awkward . We Were Silent On The Phone For About 5 Mins So i'Told Him That i"ll Talk To Him Later .45 Mins Later He Texts Saying ' i'Dont Think It Wont Workout :// " . And i'Cant Help Myself i'Really Do Love Him Alot <3 And i'Wanna Get Over Him But i'Cant Can You Pleases Help Me!!

    • Anonymous

      awww ugh i know the feeling

  • letitflow

    me n my boyfriend was together for four years n he cheated on me the whole time he had another girlfriend and his whole family knew about it he got he pregnant 3 times n the last time she lost the baby but they was planin on havin the baby i for gave him n tld him we can b jus friends then realized he shouldnt even get that so me n him done i cut all ties n i can really say i feel better then ever that was the best thing i could have ever done its his lost not mines n u cant teach a old dog new tricks he said sorry b4 but still did the same thing i feel sorry for him cause he never gonna learn n they say wat goes around cums around n every dog has their day..

  • Yaymee101

    Me sand my ex dated for 3 years. He dumped me 4 days ago and i cant do anything but cry.He cheated on me with some girl in our school about 2 1/2 years in our relationship after this girl said no he wants me back.. i dont know if i can go back im heart broken and i cant really trust him anymore. </3 Help:*(

    • Amber

      My boyfriend dumped me after our 2 years a couple of weeks ago. Yeah I cried and everything g but I’ve been ringing myself to be happier even just a little everyday. I’ve been hanging out with my friends and what not and it’s been getting better. I just want you to know that it does get better and if I were you I wouldn’t go back out with him. He sounds like he just wants you back cause the other girl said no. Spend some time with your new found freedom !!

    • Buzzybee

      DO NOT GO BACK TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went back to the guy I loved and he built my heart up and said i don’t love you anymore and tore it down.

  • Lindsey2070

    ive been heart broken for over a year. imade a stupidd choise . me and this sweet boy were in love .. we wernt officialy dating because i didnt want to.. it was too much drama hes freaking hot and alott of girls liked him . he liked me wayy more then iliked him he asked me out all the time but ikept saying no . he was my bestfriend.. we were best freinds but somtimes we kissed and held each other and held hands. he got me threw my depresion and helped me threw everything hes the only one who understood me and itrusted him the most out of eceryone in the world .. he new everythng about me .. & after months of us being bestfrends one day this kid he hated asked me out and isaid yes :,,( ibetrayed my best frend who iloved to death for someone who didnt matter thn next thng inew they were fighting over me and i lost my best frend and still to this day were not even really “frends” since then inever moved on even though ive dated a bunch of guys after him .. it ruins the relationships because icant move on and trust/love anyone agaon <\3

  • Thisisfke

    My boyfriend just broke up with me. On valentines day. I’m stuck between laughing at the irony, and crying with some Taylor Swift playing in the background. How he chose to break it to me? A one line text “I think u could do better than me”. 1, seriously, am not even worth “YOU”? And 2, I can’t help but to agree. There goes a year of what I thought was love. Now I’m goin to eat some pie, and move on.

    • Natalie N Bailey

      I just got dumped on Valentines day too. He said we’re in two different places in our lives & he tried to make it work….but, happy valentines day…! I hung up the phone in disbelief. I’ve done the laughing and crying part, I should definitely try some Taylor Swift too :)

    • Effingbored

      Same thing happened to me. I’ve been suspecting that he was up to something but ignored the signs, but on Valentine’s day i had the chance to check his phone and all my suspicions were confirmed. We were together 18 months and was fresh off of spending the holidays with his family. He was the last person I expected to do this because he has a history of being cheated on, and I had confronted him about his unusual closeness w/ his coworker/friend but he denied it. I know Im better off without him, but it still hurts so much. Im coping well although I have episodes where I really do miss him :-(

  • Anonymous

    Okay so i met this guy online and we hit it off right away. then we exchanged numbers and soon started dating. hes in the military so i had a wait a month for him to come back WITHOUT EVEN MEETING HIM YET. so finally when he came back he called me asap and wanted to chill immediately so i was cool with it and also i had plans to go to the movies that weekend anyways with my friends and they all knew about him so i invited him to come and he did. it was amazing he kept making the first moves to everything we did. when we were walking he’d grab my hand so we held hands then in the movie he kissed me mulitple times and i sat on his lap and the whole night was just outright fun. so when i got home that night i thought about him meeting my parents. so my dad had a convo with him on the phone and he was saying how he likes my dad and stuff. then we talked for about 2 days out the week before things started getting really strange he’d make promises to call me back and never did he wouldnt reply to my texts so i broke up with him and the only thing he said was he walked into a pole so he was sorry for nnot calling me and that he wasnt ignoring me. so yesterday my friend came over and wanted to prank call him and yes i know its very immature lol but we did and when we called he sounded like he was in a public place having fun while i was crying trying to get over this guy and it made me so mad… i still cant get over him and we’ve only been together for a month. 

    • Sarah

      welcome!!!!!!!!!! It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should just be friends. It was working for me…..But me stupid let myself fall in love with him and he said I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left my heart on the step where he said it and haven’t come back for it yet……….

    • Alicia_esquivel17

      my ex was in the army so a week before he got deployed we hunged out it was amazing we talked alot when he was in iraq and when he came back after a year we started dating…we broke up 2 days ago …i feel so sad he says he likes being single and knowing i didnt make him happy hurts me so much i love him and feel like we couldve made this work but i guess he doesnt feel the same way

  • Savana Banana

    Well, a guy I was truly in love with chose another girl over me. This girl goes after every guy that isn’t hers and when she found out I was dating a cute and sweet guy she goes on Facebook adds him and throws herself on him. He doesn’t necessarily say no either. I tell him about her and what shes known to do but he brushes it off and he and just put it past us. Then in January I come to find he and her have been getting to know each other and went on a date while he was still being sweet and cute with me and we set a date to go out, but one night he tells me we should just be normal friends. I found it weird, but just took it and found out the next day he’s officially dating the other girl and dumped me for her. I confronted him and he doesn’t believe me and is in denial about her and I say I’m done. He wants to stay friends, but I told him it wouldn’t be right if I’m in love with him and he loves another girl he understood and said you’re right i hope you find someone. After I say well best of luck! He says quote “it was fun :) ” like really? What the fuck! Not helping! So it’s been over a month since he and I have spoken…I miss him everyday. I just want to move on, but I can’t really do it. I went on dates, met new people, and kept myself busy. But at the end of the day he was on my mind…oh and I have to see his new girlfriend everyother day now and have her rub in my face how in love they are…and he works for my dad…great just kill me now.

    • Buzzybee

      Don’t go back to him. You deserve better. That girl is below you. I had a best friend, she only wanted the guys I wanted. She took 1 and i let go of him, then when she found out I fell in love with a different 1 she went after him!!!!!!!!! She is no longer my friend(obviously) But I have a guy that I’m so in love with him that loves her……..and me…….I know he is no good for me……But I cant get over him……Don’t make the same mistake I did and let him back into your heart. I was almost over him then he told me that the worst mistake of his life was letting me go. He put his arm around me and held my hand. When i was about to puke he held my hair. After that day we were together. We said I love you we hugged we kissed and then after that he told me he loved a girl named Kyley. My old friend! I was shocked and I ran into the bathroom and cried my eyes out waited until I herd the bell then ran home after school. He tried texting me and for whatever reason I answered and ever since then….. I’ve been trying to get over him…..It hasn’t worked. Let him go. It will do you best. And Dad’s they are the hardest…..let me tell ya. If he works for your Dad then, just be friends after that he may fall back in love with you so just tell him no….know matter how hard it’s gonna be.

  • strenght:)

    i brooke up wit my ex for short communication, i was alwais behind him callin him and textin waitin a whole day for hes reply til i got tired of this, and made my decision, sometimes God puts us thru stuff like this to make us realize that some people arent worth that theeres is sumone out there, who really needs love or doesnt even kno wat it means ,and now hes callin me non stop i mean wata hell i had to brake up with him in order for him to call me like crazzie no dude, he shouldve done dat so long time ago nd i tld him many times sadly it went thru one of his ears and came out thru da other!,

    • Buzzybee

      My ex broke up with me and he said it was the worst mistake of his life. He told me I was so pretty, he said I love you. But then I found out he was “secretly” dating a girl named Jamie but he denies it who should I believe.

  • Doodle1714

    Me n my bf broke up with each other pretty much! I was fed up with the fact that I wasn’t seeing him enough since he works 6days a week 11 hours n goes to the gym about 5 days a week too so that led to alot of arguing! N I didn’t want to break up with him…I wanted to keep trying but everytime we argued he wanted to break up cause hr thought it was too stressful! So we ended up breaking up! After 1 year of dating!! So heartbroken!! I don’t even know how to move on! Even thought about calling and trying to make it work! Help!

    • HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He took me here…….and we kissed and now I can’t forget him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so in love with this guy. The way he smiles makes me smile. The way he laughs makes me laugh. The way he talks makes me wanna kiss him. So I dated him and we ended up breaking up.It was the worst thing ever. We are best friends. He told me he loved me!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????  He is dating a girl…that’s not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we kissed!!!!!!!!!!  But I didn’t know. He said he isn’t dating anyone……but she says otherwise……….WHAT THE HELL DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sally19

      If he kissed you when he was with another girl, you don’t want to be with him anyways.   If he cheated on her, he’ll cheat on you too. He could be telling the truth about them not dating, but most likely he is lying to avoid making himself look like the bad guy. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m in love with my best friend, we were close to dating in the summer and things didn’t work out. He is dating some girl who is a complete psycho and it’s really hard to see them together when I know he isn’t happy. It’s hard to move on, but it’s harder to spend the rest of your life constantly thinking about him and how much you miss him. There’s someone out there for you, you just haven’t found him yet. Be strong and it will get better, I promise! :)

    • Icantgetoverhim9075

      tell him how u feel!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

     DR.Agbon . I am so happy to tell you that MARK and I just got back from a wonderful second honey moon in Greece after renewing our vows. After being married for 10 years and 2 kids later, the luster had been long gone from our marriage until I found you. Our first wedding was in front of a judge, quick and to the point because neither of us could afford more. Our vow renewal was everything that we wanted and the honeymoon was absolutely amazing! It feels like we have fallen in love for the first time all over again. I owe you a big hug! DR.Agbon (indiapowerfulspell@gmail.com),

  • Icantgetoverhim9075

    well this guy and i we had this amazing night! he acted like i was his everything he made me feel safe and i couldnt stop smiling…. i found out later from my friend he asked out some other girl after we left the place we were hanging out. i cant stop thinking bout him! everytime i think about dating somone else he pops into my mind. all my friends say he is a huge jerk…but i could never think of him that way! one second im extemley mad at him the next all i wana do is be with him! wat should i do…..

  • NA

    From experience, the worst thing to do with a guy that has hurt you is to go back to him. My ex broke up with me cause “he lost feelings for me” but really was talking to his ex again. There is no way to describe how worthless I felt, I would see him on FB saying how beautiful and pretty she was when he never once said it to me. When we broke up he completely blocked me out of his life. It was hard for me because someone i spent all my time with now wasnt even speaking to me. Two months later He then did this thing where he would talk to me then ignore me for weeks at a time. It was very confusing for me. I set myself up where we would go somewhere together not intending to do anything but couldnt keep our hand off each other. thennn he would stop talking to me again. I never knew how to feel, but all i know is eventually caught on that no matter what he did to me i would go back to him. I had got over him, like, I convienced myself i didnt need him and told myself i wouldnt go back to him.. But one kiss changed it all. im back on that never ending roller coaster ride. I want to get over him badly, so i blocked out all connection with him.. the only thing is i see him everyday, but i believe i can handle it… so can everyone else. 

    • Scotti Robin

      this made me sad. You deserve so much better.

  • Dreaa

    My ex boyfriend and i broke up like a month ago..He broke up witt me 2 weeks before our 1 year,And i really loved him.And i jua cant move on,he says he doesnt like me or care or love me anymore.And it jus breaks my heart.But what you said and your advice is really gonna help me.Im gonna try my best to move on.But i juus loved him and he meant the world to me.But thanks and im gonna try.

  • Briannee7

    I had a boyfriend i was witt for almost a year.He broke up with me 2 weeks before our actual 1 year.i love him to death.I knew his family and i actully lost my virginty to him and he lost it to me..Hes a year younger then me and everyone would always said i can do better.But i didnt care.I loved him to death.he would always say he loved me and would never break up with me.And he wanted to be with me forever,I still very much love him but he tells all my friends he doesnt like me and if i died he wouldnt care.But for some reason he’ll tell ppl that i dont that he stil cares about me and wants to be with me.So i dont know whats true or whats lies.I wanna be with him again.I miss him like crazy and i just dont want to move on just yett.I hope we do get back together.But if we dont i know it will be a time for me to move on.I will always love him.And even if i try being with somone else.Hes always on my mind.I think about him everyday,All the time.And i somtimes wonder.If he thinks about me as much as i think about him.Hes the guy i thought i was going to be with for the rest of my life but i guess i was wrong.When he broke up with me.My heart stopped and jus broke.He has no idea how much i love him and how much i care for him.And the bad part is.I was his first real gurlfriend i gave him his first kiss.He first real laugh with a girl.And i also made him cry once or twice.And i loved all of him.I just wish he would open his eyes and noticed i really did love him<3

  • Lucy Ly

    It’s been a year and half since our break up, but why am i still heavily in love with this man? He helped shape me into this person i am today, and now not even having him or talking to him makes my heart crumble. I fell in love with this man because he was my savior. He healed me, protected me and put me up every single time I was down. I was so in love and so blinde to see that, that wasnt fair towards him. In a relationship we must understand one another and equal out the positives or maybe it’ll turn into a disaster. The worst thing is that we both are from the same city, high school and now college and i see him every where and with his girlfriend too. So i bite my tougue and trap my tears behind my brown eyes only to see in the end I’m still hurt and very in love. But my soul is too strong i’ll never be with him again. I’ll take this as experience and never look back, but when will i move forward and leave him behind?

    • Christina N

      Lucy I can only imagine how you must feel. My boyfriend and I of one year just recently broke up and this time it all feels so real. I believe it’s the end for us and I don’t know what I would do if he moved on because no matter what I still love him passionately. I don’t know how long your relationship was but I’ve been trying my best to move on and I find myself stuck in the past. I wish you the best and hope your able to move on and find the right guy. I’m sure your a beautiful person and time will eventually heal your heart. 
         Best wishes

  • Christina N

       My Ex and I were together for a year and 2 months… our relationship started out rocky because we’re both stubborn and constantly bumped heads. Even though arguing occurred a lot we still made it work because we were crazy about each other. I’ve never truly loved anyone like him. We recently broke up because he told me he needed space, he needed time apart from me and that he couldn’t go on like this anymore. “I’m happy single”, is what he said. All along a had a weird feeling about the way he was acting towards me, but I simple thought it was because we’re been together for so long which make the feeling subside. I never would have imagined that the guy I was crazy about would ever tell me that he would be happy without me… My heart sunk. I don’t know what to do. should I just move on with my life and forget all about him? Or sit around waiting for him to have his alone/single time and then reunite our love… 

    • LaurMau5

      Same thing with me. I’m trying not to even check his Facebook page to see if he even cares but it’s so hard not to.. Love sucks.

    • Alicia_esquivel17

      my ex told me he was happy being single to just yesterday  ;( i’m so sad i don’t know what to think or do he also said he needed space i don’t know what that means. i know life goes on but just thinking about him makes me feel horrible about myself knowing i didn’t make him happy. or thinking he found someone else but won’t tell me this feeling really drains me out i feel like i gave me my all yes i admit i had trusting issues but that can easily be fixed….hopefully you feel better soon 

  • Howard

    I want to thank Dr Kwale for the spell he did for me that brought my ex back. he really did a great thing in my life i have been incomplete since i lost my girlfriend but today am just myself just like the way i use to be cos my girl is right with me now. Dr kwale if you can see this, i just want you to know how much you really helped me. and in case anyone need this man to work for him or her just email him on Kwaletemple@gmail.com or call his number +2348056141089


  • Tori Lazzari

    my ex told me
    that he missed me and still loved me. which makes no since once so ever. So I asked him what he wanted to do. I mean that makes since right? after he told me how much he loves me and how he isn’t over me at all he says. “oh I just want to be friends” I don’t want the same thing to happen again. we dated for two days. but has had a thing for 4 months. I thought he was using me? I sound so dumb by saying we only dated for two days. well right after we break up we didn’t talk for about two weeks. then one day out of the blue he texted me asking if I hated him. I said no? because why would I hate him? well he send me messages saying how much he fucked up. how he let me slip away and how he’s so sorry. I told him I was done and over him, because I didn’t want to put myself in a position again by getting hurt. of course I still love him and care. well I told him I missed him and loved him. but he stills tells me were going to be friends. like oh? okay. anyways since hes like my neighbor we have to same damn friends wherever I go hes always there. or vise versa. I mean were friends an all but its still terribly hard to know that I cant rap him up in my arms and kiss him. oh well.. I’ll get over it. sooner or later

  • Mary Hanson

    Am here to testify what this great spell caster done for me. My names are Mary Hanson, Since Dr.IBUDU of tinalovespell@yahoo.com cast a love spell for me, things are going great in my relationship life. my lover who was cheating on me is now a loyal and committed man. I`m glad he came back to me after the break up with him because I love him, but without Dr. IBUDU help, all of this could not have happen or even be possible. He also help my friend to quire her HIV positive it is now negative! It is the first time I am using the service of a spell caster and even if I was a bit skeptical at first, I highly recommend his service to people like me who needs an extra help. All they should do is to contact Dr. IBUDU on +2348078467513 or better still reach him on his email on tinalovespell@yahoo.com

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